Older man and woman singingWith “Royal Assisted Living” family, friends and neighbors can be part of the care network. This makes you less dependent on professional care givers. Three things happen:

  1. It generates a good feeling for all people involved. Everyone is more involved, can be certain that all is going well and know that there is help when needed. This gives a sense of security.
  2. The number of social contacts increase. By involving family and friends more often, there is more activity in the social network.
  3. Simple help requests can be dealt with within the persons social environment. This gives the professional care provider the opportunity to focus on more demanding care issues.

The “Royal Assisted Living” system from Weevil detects potential dangers and automatically informs healthcare professionals and, if desired, family or friends. It also informs about details of the situation so that those receiving the message know WHAT is going on. In many situations, however, there is no immediate emergency and the system “asks” the resident if everything is okay. If this is the case, no further action will be taken. However, if there is no response or the situation is not confirmed, the caregiver will be automatically alerted.