PrppertiesInvisibly present:

Weevil’s “Royal Assisted Living” is invisibly present. It makes that the house behaves SMART and thus becomes a digital assistant for its residents. The system activates when it signals a deviation from the “norm”. This standard is customizable and is dynamically adjusted by the daily routines. In the event of deviations, these are noticed by the system and contact can be made. This can be with the resident him/herself (“Is everything all right, madam?”) or it can send a message to the care provider (“Ms. Jansen got out of bed”). It can also inform relatives.

From security alarm to healthcare alarm to digital assistant:

Per home/individual, the behavior of the system is adaptable to great extent. This is done in the form of static and dynamic rules. The system adapts to daily routines.


• The system has a number of basic rules that address safety.
This is the “Safety” category. This includes smoke alarms, overheating of the stove or flooding. This always results in action.
• The following category “Healthcare” can be adjusted to the care needs of the individual. The privacy of the resident also plays an important role in this. Weevil has available a basic set that answers key questions in healthcare. If the need for care changes, the rules can be altered as well.
• The category “Status” is crucial in “Assisted Living”. “Status” is knowledge about the situation of the home and its resident. Examples of which can be “In bed”, “In the bathroom”, “Not at home”, “Not at home, longer than usual”. It assists the resident and the caregiver in their daily routines. The system acts only in the event of changes that deviate from the norm, so that the caregiver no longer has to respond to all signals, but is informed by the system if the status deviates and requires action. This means that the system no longer is a care alarm, but has become a digital assistant.
• The category “Comfort” is clearly present in “Royal Assisted Living”. Safety and care require a minimum set of sensors. These same sensors contribute at the same time to a higher level of comfort. Think of “Nightlight” which automatically activates when you leave your bed. Lights turn on, but dimmed so that it is not blinding. Comfortable which makes it easier to orientate where you are going.

Affordable thanks to modern, modular technology:

With “Royal Assisted Living”, Weevil has developed a whole new system, with the resident and caregiver as the basis. Taken into account is that the world is changing and therefor a modular system has been designed. Each module fulfills a core task and is individually adaptable or replaceable. This makes flexible growth possible to in changing healthcare and a changing world.

To support safety and care, in addition to the digital assistant a basic set of sensors is required. The sensors are individually replaceable and interchangeable, which makes the home flexible. It is ideal if the house can already be provided with the necessary infrastructure during construction, but it is perfectly possible to adjust a home at a later stage. This keeps the needed investment per home affordable. Weevil provides a long-term PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) because all modules are easily replaceable. This means that periodic affordable upgrades will keep your system future-proof.

The environment is important to Weevil. Raw materials, energy consumption and lifespan are therefore integrated in the development process. As a result of the modular build up, modules and sensors can be used for a long time, which prevents unnecessary replacement. When replacing, Weevil can ensure environmentally friendly disposal of the replaced modules.