More than an alarm system

The “Royal Assisted Living” system from Weevil knows and recognizes your routines and acts accordingly. At the same time it is invisible. You live in your own home and not in a technology factory that feels like an institution. With only a limited number of small, often invisible sensors, the current situation is monitored and compared to your personal situation and preferences. Only those components that are important to you for your comfort and safety are activated in your personal system. You feel secure in your own home, day and night, without having to worry about privacy, camera surveillance or personnel who can watch or listen uninvited.

Many fall accidents happen at night. Our system can detect your night activities if you wish. After leaving the bed, the route can easily be lit up with minimal lighting so that you can more easily find your way. This prevents tripping, falling or bumping into a table or chair. It also “asks” if everything is okay if you are in the shower or bathroom longer than usual, so that an alarm can be send in time if you have fallen. Because how often do you remember to take alarm button with you when you wake up at night and go to the toilet? In addition, the system can alarm and take action when there is smoke or with water leaks. And of course you also have the option to activate the alarm yourself. With only minor adjustments to the home, the system can cut off the water supply, switch off the stove and switch on lighting. Such seemingly simple actions make a world of difference.