Control your own life

Man-with-newspaper-in-his-own-homeMost people thrive best in their own environment and therefore in their own home. You do not want to move to a nursing home, especially not if the feeling exists that you than no longer can determine what your daily life should look like yourself. Simple things that we often take for granted influence whether you feel free or not. Decide for yourself when it is coffee time and with whom, decide for yourself what time you want to eat lunch, have the option of sleeping half an hour longer because you feel like it, instead of having to shower at 6:00 because that is the only time help is available.

Of course that all seems wonderful, but the reason that freedom decreases for residents in care facilities is usually safety. There is shower help because the chance of falling increases when the floor is wet. And no one wants to lie on the floor for two hours after a fall.

Our “Royal Assisted Living” systems assist both the resident and the care professional and provide a balanced self-reliant solution. By recognizing simple things like the amount of time spent in the bathroom (the daily routine) of an individual, deviations can be detected and an automatic action can be taken. In many cases it is also sufficient to “ask” the resident if everything is okay. If there is no response, the care giver is alerted automatically. This can be a care professional, but can also be a good neighbor or relative. As long as it is justified and secure, people live free, with the feeling of independence in a safe and comfortable environment.