Comfort & safety

We are redefining the term “assisted living”.

With the invisible “Royal Assisted Living” from Weevil you stay safe in your own home – as long as you want to and can. With our digital assistant, the step to a nursing home can be delayed. Live your life according to your own wishes and do not let others decide your situation.

A conventional care alarm with emergency button can hardly meet the requirements for comprehensive and constant security. We ensure that you can execute your daily activities and live comfortably – affordable and discrete.

A person often has fixed habits and patterns in his or her daily life. Anna for instance, goes to the toilet once every night. She leaves her bed and stays in the bathroom for a short time. The sensors recognize this pattern. After about three months, the number of toilet visits increases and this is picked up by the system. If necessary, attention can be paid to such a change. This has in some cases already contributed to the early discovery of diabetes.

Burning pan on stoveIt is a cold day and Erik is looking forward to a warm winter meal. The potatoes are cooking on the stove and meanwhile Erik is watching television. The skating competition is nearing its climax and is very thrilling. Just before the finish, Erik is startled by the fire alarm. “The potatoes!”, “Totally forgotten”. In the meantime, the digital assistant has also discovered the problem and has already taken measures. The stove is automatically switched off and the lights near the door are switched on. The system makes contact with Erik and asks if everything is OK. Erik turns off the alarm and opens the window. Everything ends well. Through minor adjustments to the home, the “Royal Assisted Living” makes it possible to significantly improve security in your home.

The system cannot only be used in private residencies, but can even be used on a large in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Live more carefree, more safely and comfortably with the “Royal Assisted Living” system from Weevil.