Feeling safe in and around your home is essential!

Grandparents and grandchildrenThe importance of feeling secure in your own home and surrounding environment is something that is close to all our hearts.

Weevil has listened to these needs and are close to launching a product that is going to change the standards for how we define security in our homes; not only just the monitoring but also includes social aspects and interaction between man and technology.  To use our technology in your home opens the door to later add more functions and extend the system to your wishes and demands.  Upgrade-ability and individuality spells Weevil. The system slumbers until interacted with, thus keeping it cost effective and reliable for your safety.  Possibilities are nearly endless, and it can handle everything from baby monitoring to home security to name a few.


Sum of all is that we want to help you feel safe being guarded but not monitored!  And hey… Why wait for the future when it is right here?