Healthcare should be all about caring for each other!

Weevil is a visionary company that develops solutions for security and safety using modern technologies. We want to redefine how people think about nursing home care and want to make it more personal.

Based on these values we offer products like personal alarms and safety alarms that are designed with nursing home care in mind, but which work in both home and institutional environments. The system can be adapted to individual needs and includes exactly those functions that are needed in a particular situation. Instead of an active call for action from the client, the system alerts if something happens that is out of the ordinary. We call it slumber monitoring, or to watch but not watch.
Staff, family, relatives or others can quickly act on incoming alarm and get information if something occurs, depending on what the alarm is and to whom it is connected.

We develop these products in close collaboration with our customers because they can best define their needs. Our priority is to meet the demands from the users and add more quality to their lives. This offers us a unique opportunity to present a product that is defined by the market and for the market.

Weevil consists of a happy enthusiastic team that really want to contribute to added quality of life for people. We do this using the latest modern technologies.

Why wait for the future when it is already here?