In home care it should be all about the individual!

Our mission is clear: Personalize healthcare.
Weevil wants to redefine how we think about healthcare.  We dare to challenge…

We often hear that healthcare is getting more and more expensive. We at Weevil value the person behind the demand and honor the individual needs; respect, values and social interaction. What we want to highlight is that healthcare should be about the care for each other. We want to aid and help organizations find and follow their values and implement them into healthcare with higher quality care as a result.  

We create healthcare products baring these values in mind and heart. Our products improve the social interaction between individuals and decrease a persons’ dependency on healthcare staff. We can even make relatives and family feel confident due to the possibility of personalizing the system to the needs of their beloved one. The system is future proof and upgrade-able. We understand the importance of a sustainable solution that will last a long time.